Quality Facilitation is Vital to Effective Learning

Being a successful facilitator requires both efficiency and innovation, factors that lead to effective learning. Businesses and different organizations usually conduct trainings and seminars for their members and employers so that their employee’s business knowledge can be refreshed, enhanced, and improved for the benefit of the company’s growth. To achieve their goals during the trainings and seminars, business organizations often hire the services of experienced facilitators.

 When hiring an experienced facilitator, companies benefit because the workshops and the trainings conducted are more organized and focused .This can be very advantageous to the participants as they will be able to learn new things and discover additional natural talents that they were not able to nurture in  school or college.


Professional facilitators generally encourage group and individual participation in activities and foster creativity. Learning to participate in the activities and discussions gives the participants the chance to express their ideas, their thoughts, and even their feelings, allowing them to develop a sense of self confidence and showcase their skills and talents. Participating in the workshop’s activities and discussion is the first step in achieving effective learning.

Joan Noyes suggests:  “The idea is to engage the learners and stimulate them to participate in their own learning. Provide opportunities for every type of learner – visual,  -auditory and – kinesthetic. Provide for everyone things to see, hear and do. You’ll stimulate your learners, whether in the classroom or meeting room. They’ll enjoy it more, learn more and retain it longer.”

 It is also one of the tasks of the facilitator to conduct games and energizers that will bring out the enthusiasm of the participants and to break the monotony that can occur in topic discussions. The games themselves will actually promote critical thinking amongst  participants.

 Good and effective communication within the business organization is the key to achieving the business’ goals and fulfilling its visions. This is why learning how to communicate well is vital to the employees during workshops and trainings conducted by professional facilitator(s). Business communication is  often one of the topics being tackled and discussed in  facilitated workshops and seminars, though it often may be disguised as teamwork, collaboration improvement, or something similarly revolving around the need to work and communicate better with each other.


A good facilitator can orchestrate a workshop that is beneficial for all the participants and  the business organization as a whole. Hiring a good facilitator can be the first step in achieving business success which every business organization is aiming for. Most of the facilitators today have wide repertoire of knowledge as far as professional facilitation is concerned. Facilitation is growing in popularity as a profession,  trending around the globe  right now. Having many individuals who call themselves facilitators does not mean  it is  easy to find a good facilitator for workshops and trainings for business organizations. Finding a good professional facilitator is hard work and should involve a detailed evaluation of experiences that demonstrate success is settings and topics similar to the need of the organization. With an effective facilitator, an organization can vastly increase success in the delivery of new knowledge and most importantly, increase the retention of the content to levels not achievable with traditional classroom training, lectures, or teaching methods. Good professional facilitators are one of the many tools for effective learning.   

Source: http://www.lupinworks.com/roche/workshops/2-techniques.php

3 Responses to Quality Facilitation is Vital to Effective Learning

  1. Myriam says:

    Hello Axel,

    We notice that you are using one of our facilitation images on your website without permission. While we are pleased that you like it, please be aware that it is associated with our brand, and that we are the sole owners of the image. We would ask that you either:

    1) provide a direct link to our website – http://www.masterfulfacilitation.com with an attribution of the image to: Masterful Facilitation Insitute; or
    2) kindly find another image that will reflect your unique identity.

    Thank you for your understanding!

    Myriam Laberge, Founder
    Masterful Facilitation Institute

  2. Quality facilitation is the key driver to encouraging employees to want to enroll in training. I find so many times that employees dread going to trainings because of a recent bad experience. Training has become such an ugly word in companies. investing in properly trained facilitators will ultimately be worth it in the end. We really have to understand that every knowledgeable person can NOT facilitate training.

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