Ice-Breaker Entertainment Ideas for Small Businesses

This article was written by Tom Clark and published with permission of the author.  AMC LLC does not endorse any of the products mentioned in this article.

Improve relationships within your business and increase productivity in the workplace

If you have a growing business it can be hard to keep in touch with everyone and ensure they engage well within the team. More and more companies are seeing the benefit in putting on out of work entertainment for the company to help build relationships within the business. Whether your objective is entertainment or teambuilding sometimes the problem can be coming up with creative ideas which will go down well with your team and get people talking. After witnessing this in numerous workplaces over the years, I have put together a couple of great ideas which work to help colleagues socialise. You can mix up the ideas to get lots of different things happening, or choose one and put it on around party food and drinks.

Hire Giant Games

My favourite ice-breaker entertainment is giant games which you can hire from corporate entertainment companies. You get to see the competitive nature come out in your colleagues and see everyone having fun. I think the best game for hire is the giant scalextrics, which has 8 lanes for colleagues to race each other on, showcasing their childhood racing skills.

tom clark

Hire a Simulator

Hiring a simulator for the ice breaker day is a great idea, and is a sure winner for getting people chatting over some food and drinks. A popular choice at ice breaker events is the F1 simulator, which is the next best thing to getting on a real race track and doing a circuit for real. If you hire more than one simulator you can really get the party started and have virtual races with your work mates. Simulators go further than just F1, you can get flight simulators, golf simulators, riding and shooting ones too so you are sure to please everyone.


Seeing your workmates in stealth is another awesome idea to break the ice and create stories that get shared forever. Paintballing, although incredibly exhilarating, can be a hit or miss ice breaker, so it is best to run the idea past everyone to see which idea would suit the team best before booking!

If you could never imagine your colleagues dodging bullets and storming bunkers, then you may find this to be one interesting day.

What ideas can you think of to break the ice and get your team bonding?

Tom Clark writes on organizing events for small businesses. Events House is a leading games for hire company giving businesses fresh ideas for corporate entertainment.


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